I like to think of myself as a pretty stand up guy. I’m not looking to just take your money just for the sake of padding my pockets. So I want you to know what online training is so you can decide if the investment will be worth it on your end. Online training is just like working with me in person…except you never actually see me in person. I’ll still write your program, tweak it when need be, and communicate with you via email and phone calls to help you see the most progress as possible. It’s on you to follow the program and hold yourself accountable to actually go through with the training.

Why online training? Well, you absolutely could just google ‘fat loss workout’ or ‘hypertrophy training’ and print a program that could, in fact, work for you. But chances are it’s a cookie cutter program that doesn’t take into account individual needs, mobility restrictions, strength imbalances, your training experience, or space or equipment needs. But when you work with an online coach, all of those things are taken into account to help create a program that’s tailored to you and your needs. Plus, I’ll be working with you the entire time to make sure the individualized program is actually working.

Who is a good fit for online training?

  • Self motivated individuals
  • Individuals who can stay consistent and hold themselves accountable
  • A little bit of training experience doesn’t hurt, but you don’t need to be an expert
  • Individuals who aren’t quite sure how to create their own program
  • Individuals who aren’t 100% sure how to regress or progress their program
  • Individuals who don’t want to create their own programs because time is precious/limited
  • Someone in it for the long haul (I recommend 3 months minimum of online training to start seeing results. 1 month is a great start but the type of results most people want DO NOT happen overnight).

Who is probably NOT a good fit for online training?

  • Individuals with extreme limitations (due to prior injuries, medical conditions, etc)
  • Individuals who are NOT self motivated
  • Individuals who need a ‘cheerleader’ or someone there to push them as they train
  • Individuals who prefer group based training environments
  • Individuals who struggle with accountability


These are just my opinions and you’ll need to apply for online training anyway, but at least now you have an idea of if you think this is something that would be for you. And if you have any questions about it, feel free to click the “Contact” tab in the top right of the site and reach out to me!”