Cara Pietrolungo
I’m a runner. Well, at least I used to be just a short bit ago – me and running are kind of taking some space. I ran my first marathon in May, got injured shortly following that great feat, and now here I am. 6 months later & stronger, faster and leaner than ever before. Getting injured and not being able to run 40 miles/week is a real emotional issue for a runner. So, naturally to get over the “break up”, I threw myself heavy into swimming and lifting to make up for the hole in my heart. If you care enough to find out what happened…keep reading.
I worked with Chris for a little over a year (me a nutritionist and him the training guru). I saw the kind of work Chris did with his clients and thought to myself, “self…this is what you need to be doing”. But, training for a marathon just didn’t mesh well with lifting three days/week on tired legs. Once I couldn’t run anymore, Chris was the first guy on my list of people to call to get me to where I wanted to be. He started me on an initial 3-month program to teach me how to move my body properly (something I was neither aware I wasn’t doing nor knew how to do without his help). Sure, it was slightly underwhelming coming off the soul crushing pain of pushing through 20-mile runs and the adrenaline rush that comes with finishing. But, I knew it was exactly what I needed. Within those 3 months I saw my body physically change and my movement patterns dramatically improve. I mean, when I first started I couldn’t even squat to parallel because my calves were so tight from all the running. Then I started squatting pretty damn perfectly with 140 lbs on my back for more sets that I care to share (a little German Volume Training for the novice?). So, I thought “hm…this is working, better stick with it”. Not only was I moving better in the gym for the first time in my life, but I was shaving minutes off my mile swim and run times like it was NOTHING.
I’ve now been working with Chris once a week for about 7 months and we’re just starting to get into some technical lifts that make me feel like such a badass, it couldn’t be more exciting. Front squats, hang cleans, all that good good. I’m faster, stronger and way better looking physically than I ever have been before and it’s all thanks to the man with the knowledge (which most “trainers” have NONE) and the plan. Oh, and besides all that incredible wizardry that is Chris Sanchez Performance, it also doesn’t take all that much time. I’m in medical school and my days are about 14 hours long every day. To fit it in, I’m up at 5:30 am, in the gym by 6 and out by 7 am feeling good and ready for the day.
So, for anyone out there who wants to lose weight, look better, feel better, run faster or longer, lift better, swim faster, or whatever in the world you could possibly want that involves your body (which is basically everything), I know a guy. Even if you’re one of those people who “knows what they’re doing in the gym”….sorry to break it to you, but you don’t. Unless you have a degree in exercise science (like a real one…BS, MS), are a strength and conditioning coach (again, with a degree and laundry list of experience), or anything of the sort….you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing. But you know who does? Chris Sanchez. So go ahead. Make the best decision of your new year (if you’re into that sort of thing). Give him a call, send him an email, heck…send him a Facebook or Instagram message. Treat yourself. You’ll never regret it & you can’t do it without him. #CSstrong (I just made that up. Cool, huh?)
Michelle Dufner

As a massage therapist in the Lifespa inside Lifetime Athletic, I see members on a daily basis with injuries related to poor form. None of them are Chris’ clients! Chris is one of the smartest guys in the building and will definitely teach you proper form & keep you injury free while simultaneously keep you laughing in hysterics with his witty humor. I recommend him regularly, especially for young athletes. Good form now saves you pain later!

Kayla Gorrell

I trained with Chris for several months at Lifetime Fitness. My goal was to build strength and I dislike lifting weights so I needed some motivation. Chris helped me learn proper form and modifications. My arms got pretty ripped and I increased the strength in my legs and range of motion in my body. He varied the drills every week and made strength training fun and effective. In addition to all this he’s personable and funny and has a fabulous blog.

Robin Rothman

Chris you are a true professional and I love training with you! Not only are you friendly, approachable and hilarious, but you truly listen to what I want to accomplish and you create a program that targets that and more! And, you are fantastic at making last minute adjustments to deal with any injuries or concerns I have. I always feel confident knowing that you are not only making the most of my training time but also assuring my safety. The best part is that I am getting stronger every week because of you! Thanks Chris!

Bob McCullough

I have been working with Chris since joining Life Time Mt. Laurel in the Spring of 2016. I had recently turned 51 and thought I was in pretty good condition. After a thorough assessment, we began with a program of corrective exercises to improve my mobility, balance and core strength. I hadn’t realized how much I needed work in these areas and really felt the benefits soon after we started. At the end of the year I decided it was time to have my right knee replaced and my doctor agreed. I scheduled surgery for early May’17. I had my left knee replaced in 2011 after years of suffering since playing basketball in college. Chris structured our work outs to best prepare me for post surgery and speed my recovery rehab. Going into surgery I felt ready and in excellent condition. I had successful surgery on May 4th. I was walking and doing therapy in the hospital the same day. As compared to my left knee surgery 6 years before, my mobility was far better, I felt stronger and had much more energy. Through in-home and outside rehab my progress came amazingly quick. My surgeon and all of the therapists I worked with gave much of the credit to my physical condition. I can’t thank Chris enough for the time and effort he put into helping me approach my surgery as another step forward towards my fitness goals and not a step backwards as it could have been. 3 months later I am through therapy, feeling great and working with Chris again. We are now building on all the hard work and progress since starting a year a year ago when we started together. I’m looking forward to every session, new goals and challenges. Chris has a friendly manner and is very funny which makes you look forward to each session and gets you through the tough challenges. He also communicates well on each exercise’s purpose, goals of each workout and motivates you when needed. I would recommend Chris to anyone, of any age or fitness level, looking for a highly professional and dedicated trainer.

Amy Sgrignoli

I met with Chris for an assessment right after I joined Lifetime last summer. I had been working out but for months had been plagued with shoulder pain, so I had stopped lifting weights almost entirely. Chris did a very thorough assessment and was able to determine the likely cause of my injury and offered to put together a plan to address it. I liked him right off the bat and I could tell he wasn’t just trying to sell me services. So I bought a 4 session package thinking that I would try out a trainer for a month, hopefully improve my shoulder and go back to working out on my own. That one month turned into nearly a year of working with him. In fact, a few months after we starting working out together my husband decided to train with me and we started doing partner sessions together instead of my individual ones. Not only did Chris fix my shoulder injury and teach me how to insure it wouldn’t happen again, he challenged me in every workout and made me more confident coming into the gym to do the workouts on my own. He would tell me what to do between each session and helped guide me with supplements too. In the time I have worked with Chris he helped me reach my goal of 3 unassisted chin ups– which seemed truly impossible when we first made the goal! I also decreased my body fat 18% and became much more in tune with my body. Most importantly Chris has become a trusted friend and helped keep me sane during some tough times. I cannot recommend Chris highly enough. Sign up to workout with him. You won’t regret it, I promise!

Carol Boyd

Training with Chris Sanchez was the best decision I could have made for my health fitness. I had played every sport I had access to growing up and had always been a competitive athlete. After college when I no longer had team sports to motivate me, I settled into a routine like most working adults and put on 25 pounds. I was miserable with my body and I hated how lazy I had become, so I joined a gym. I sat down with Chris my first day at the gym and he asked me what my goals were. I told him I had always been an athlete and I wasn’t happy with how ‘fluffy’ I had gotten. I told him that finding the motivation to do something about it was what was holding me back the most.

From that day on, Chris went above and beyond anything I could have ever expected, or hoped for, in a personal trainer. His workouts were challenging, different, and exciting for me. I look forward to going to the gym to train now. I have all of the motivation I need. I always want to lift heavier than I did the week before or do more sets of something that I had been struggling with. Every time I make even the smallest amount of progress, he is just as excited, or more, than I am. If I fell off for a week…or two… I would always get a follow up to make sure I was doing okay and a “No, Carol…you don’t need donuts three meals a day” message.

He taught me to listen to my body; if something hurts…probably don’t do that. I learned about how much my eating, sleeping, and warm-up habits affected how my workouts went. He would work with me on the days my body felt beat up by all of the stress I was putting on it to make sure I was stretching properly. Chris has made himself available anytime I have a question about anything fitness related and he’ll do his best to answer me. If he doesn’t know something, he’ll go out of his way to research it until he can give me a well-rounded response. I’ve never met anyone who has as much passion for their work and their clients as Chris does.

Now, a year after my initial meeting with Chris, I have the confidence and motivation I was missing. I lost those 25 lbs, gained a lot of knowledge on functional fitness and nutrition, and gained a great friend. He helped me reach all of the goals I had set for myself, and then some. Chris, thank you for being so passionate about your work and thank you for everything you’ve done for me!


**Carol is also too modest to admit she now deadlifts twice her bodyweight and recently hit a personal best of 200lbs in her clean**

Jackie Regovich

My teenage daughter played competitive tennis for several years and was preparing to join her high school team. She was doing well, but felt like she needed to improve her overall strength and fitness. Chris was recommended to us as a trainer with experience and expertise in working with young athletes. She began training with him and thanks to his guidance, dedication, patience and knowledge, she has made remarkable progress. When she began, she was unsure of what to expect. Chris put her instantly at ease, yet got right to work and always challenges her to push herself. She truly looks forward to her sessions and has learned so much about what she is capable of and how to work toward fitness goals and achieve results. Her core stability and overall strength have improved greatly and she sees the results both on and off the court. Chris always provides valuable feedback and is an absolute pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend him with reservation to any one looking for a trainer. Thanks to Chris, my daughter has not only improved in her sport, she has developed a new commitment to fitness that she is excited to continue going forward.

Joe Udine
This is my client testimonial for Chris Sanchez at Lifetime Athletic, Mount Laurel, NJ after 18 months of training together. For some background, I am 32 years old, married, and a father of 2 (4.5yrs and 11 months) who works full time as an analyst/portfolio manager in our family wealth management group at Morgan Stanley. I took sports, specifically baseball, very seriously growing up, and played Division 1 baseball at UPenn. I’ve had experience at multiple gyms and with multiple trainers throughout the years and also did a stint of P90x/P90x3 religiously prior to working with Chris at Lifetime. I have been through periods where I’ve been out of shape or on my way back from an injury (small tears in my labrum from baseball). Prior to joining Lifetime, I went through about 6 months of sleep deprivation, bad eating habits, and grinding through a Winter with a newborn all while settling into a new home with my family. What does this have to do with Chris Sanchez?

When I finally hit my wall of feeling unhealthy and knew a change was needed, I decided to join Lifetime because it is very close to my office and I knew I could make some kind of workout routine consistent. Based on my prior experience with being at different gyms, I also knew training would be absolutely necessary. I’ve been that guy on more than one occasion after college who joins a gym thinking I will just pick right back up where I left off doing my college baseball workouts. This turned into me going to the gym with no real plan or knowledge of how to evolve my workouts, and putting myself at risk of injury because I had been out of the “flow” for so long, and wasn’t versed in physical training. Of course I was hesitant to meet with a trainer as well, fearing I wouldn’t find the value in what we were doing, or if we weren’t progressing how I’d hoped for the cost.

I can say with full confidence that hiring Chris Sanchez is one of the best investments I have ever made. We started off with building some of the basic movements and making sure my form was solid before moving on to lifting more weight or trying more advanced movements. He understood from Day 1 where my fitness level, strength, and flexibility were and the most important movements to pay attention in order to progress while minimizing risk of injury or setbacks. Beyond the crucial guidance and building confidence with a plan at the gym, he gave me things to think about to improve life outside of the gym with his knowledge of diet, sleep, and supplements. After our first few sessions, I was excited to build more knowledge of training smart and was hungry to train harder to reap the benefits. I feel like Ive progressed above and beyond what I expected and Im excited to build on the work we’ve already put in.

My original plan was to hire a trainer for 1-2 months to get going and learn what to do with my time while at the gym to avoid injury or monotony in my workouts. I have continued to train with Chris because I am sold on his process and understanding of how to keep progressing and getting stronger at a sustainable pace, and I have the results to prove it. Training with Chris has changed my life and given me more confidence in everything I do, and how I manage my day to day. It translates into me being able to manage stress, think more objectively, and live happier, which I’d say is a goal for anyone. I know how to spend my time efficiently while at the gym and I’m still learning how to evolve my workouts. This experience has exceeded any other workout program I’ve been exposed to, and the hard work and dedication has paid off huge. Chris has become a friend and has always been available/open to talk about anything on my mind. Like I said before, the investment is well worth it and I am excited to continue to learn more about training smart and building strength the right way. Chris, you are the man, I appreciate all that you do and look forward to training each week.”

Carole Kovach

My teenage daughter had never been into fitness. She is now going into high school and wants to play a team sport. We decided to get her a personal trainer to help her get into shape. We were assigned to Chris Sanchez at Lifetime Fitness. After getting over her initial nerves, she was able to concentrate on achieving her goals. Chris was extremely patient and diligent in planning her every session. He tailored her training to her skill level and her personality. Through his dedication, caring and enthusiasm, she began to excel! Not only is she achieving her goals but she now enjoys ” working out”. We would both highly recommend Chris as a fitness trainer for all your needs! We are extremely satisfied with his work ethic and with him as a coach!!

Jeff Snyder

My feedback is you are an excellent trainer. I have worked with a fair amount of people and you are the best. You have an easy way about you, but you are all business. You demonstrate and explain the whys and hows very effectively. We keep busy, but you keep it fun. Most importantly, you show you really care, which makes me want to work even harder. That says everything about YOU. Thanks for your time and we will be working together again soon. It will be my pleasure to recommend you to all my friends.

Kaitlyn Golembski

Kenny Friedman

The training is going better than I had anticipated. I have never had a trainer work with me before and I didn’t really know what to expect. I am beginning my third month with twice a week sessions with you and I can see and feel a major difference. My flexibility has improved greatly along with my energy level in general. I thought I would be intimidated by some muscle head trainer, but you are certainly not that type. I appreciate how you explain the workout and are able to break it down slowly until I have the correct form. I enjoy being surprised at what you include each session always leaving me with different sore muscles each time (a good sore). I enjoy our brief conversations while I am catching my breath and always leave feeling better about myself. Thanks for your help.

Halle Thomas

My name is Halle Thomas and I play soccer at Goldey-Beacom College. Sports and being active were important to me from a young age. Soccer eventually became my main sport and it takes a lot of speed, endurance and strength to compete at high levels. I was never the fastest player but I had strength and endurance. So my senior year of high school when I committed to a division 2 college to play soccer I knew I needed to take my fitness to the next level. I started training at velocity sports performance since it was close to my house. That is where I began training with Chris Sanchez and I immediately started seeing results. He knew how to push me to become the best athlete I could be. I trained with him for a year before I left for preseason for my freshman year of college. I went into my freshman season physically fit and it improved my play overall. I was faster, stronger and able to run nonstop for a full 90 minute game. As a freshman I started every game and had the best possible season an athlete could ask for and I can honestly say it was because of the training and time I put in working with Chris. When I finished my freshman year I was recovering from a surgery and had lost a good amount of my muscle and wasn’t in good shape. Once I was cleared I chose to train with Chris again but this time at Effectus. I absolutely love training with Chris at Effectus because my workouts are customized to help me work on my problem areas and strengthen them. I trained there this summer for about 3 months for 3 days a week. I was back in shape faster than I thought I would be. One of the things I really liked is that before you start training he evaluates you on various types of exercises so he can customize a workout for each person. Each time you go in for training you get a folder that is filled with various workout plans and each time you work on a different one. It allows you to track your progress in what you weight you lift and allows you to work each part of your body. I have never been so happy with a workout program. The best part is you get to train with other people in a positive and fun atmosphere but still get the individual attention and workout you need. Chris always keeps a close eye to make sure you do exercises correctly to avoid any injury and guarantee results. I’ve recommended Chris to many of my other friends who are college athletes and they all loved training with him. His programs are great for anyone, whether its younger kids just starting to get serious about sports, high school athletes looking to get better, college athletes that need to take their fitness to the next level and even adult clients that just want a good and fun workout. I can honestly say that I owe it to Chris for my success in college sports and I always look forward to training with him in my off season.

Amanda Rey aka “A.Rey”

Training prior to training with Chris was going well. I always did what I had to do. But training by yourself can get boring and repetitive and sometimes it can be difficult to motivate yourself. There are points in time where you don’t feel like doing the workout that day or you just can’t push yourself to do that last rep. It’s also hard to see improvement when you train yourself as you feel as if you are doing your best. And that’s where having a trainer is so beneficial because there is no other option then finishing. When you feel exhausted they find away to push you to get the last rep out. Trainers also know when your form looks good and when they can increase the weight of a certain exercise. Therefore training with a trainer is always 10x better than training alone.
I chose Chris to train with this summer because he is a motivating trainer and only wants to see his athletes improve each and every session. Chris was not only a trainer but he was a friend. I trained with Chris at Velocity Sports Performance in Washington Township before I went off to college my freshman year and when I heard they were closing down I followed Chris to his new location as I had goals I wanted to achieve this summer and I knew he could help me out. And I couldn’t of been happier to have made that decision.
I trained with Chris from the beginning of June to the end of August before I had to return to school. My training experience was excellent as I felt I improved so much with my strength and with a lot of single leg exercises. He critiqued what I did wrong and taught me how to fix it but he also was filled with excitement when I broke a new record. Training with Chris was always a pleasure as there wasn’t one day that I dreaded going. I always left the gym exhausted. I liked how he listened to what I needed to improve on for school and how he implemented that into the program he wrote up. Just being around someone who wants and pushes me to do my best makes me want to train at my best.
Training means a lot to me in many different reasons. Lacrosse is my whole life and I’m always looking to succeed. I earned a starting spot my sophomore year of college and I wanted to train hard to keep that spot for my junior year. We also have a new coaching staff this year so my goal was to go back in the best possible shape I could to show the coaches my skill and ability. Another reasoning for training is I wanted to continue to become strong and keep my alpha female status.
I absolutely would recommend other athletes training with Chris. Chris is the type of trainer that as an athlete you tell him what you need to improve on and he will write up a program to do exactly that. He does his job with how to get an athlete better now it’s all on the athlete to put in their best work to get the results they want.
Thanks again for everything you did!! Can’t wait to come back during winter break!