My main goal for this website is not to generate a profit (but I mean hey, if it happens, thats cool too), but to provide readers with quality information regarding training, exercise, and overall health and well being.

Seeing clients get results and experience positive changes in their lives is without THE GREATEST thing about what I do. So if I’m able to help readers get that same feeling and result, well, I think I can call this site a success. And without making you dig through the blog archives to get a feel for what I believe gets clients results, here are my main pillars of how to get results in your quest for bettering yourself.

  • Eat vegetables at every meal (colorful ones, don’t just eat a potato every meal… that doesn’t count).
  • Eat meat (or protein) at every meal.
  • Train movements, not muscles.
  • Make strength training your main priority. If you don’t like it, you better start trying.
  • Get good sleep.
  • Have fun when you train.

And that about sums it up really. Thanks for stopping by the site!

Chris Sanchez, CSCS